Schweiss manure conveyor takes the work out of muckinghorse stalls

the Schweiss Conveyor in action

The 20 ft. long conveyor/elevator has heavy-duty 3/4 h.p. motor, (110 volts) that moves a 12" wide conveyor belt with 1" tall cleats.

The new Schweiss portable horse manure conveyor/elevator is a perfect way to speed up and take the tedious/backbreaking work out of transferring manure to larger holding units.

This portable conveyor is built to speed up this tiresome chore by eliminating the need of handling manure multiple times to get it into your dumpster/spreader outside the horsebarn. Not only does it speed up the operation but the conveyor reassures that your dumpster will be filled to the brim!

Otherwise you start out by cleaning the horse stalls; first by filling up the wheelbarrow and rolling it to the end of the horsebarn out to a dumpster up a small ramp into the dumpster and dumping the load. After a few loads you have to reshovel the manure within the dumpster making the pile higher to make more room until the dumpster doors have to be closed.

Once the dumpster’s back doors are closed there’s still more space available in the dumpster to make sure you are filling the dumpster to the top; now there’s more reshoveling to do! You then begin by dumping the full load of manure on the ground near the dumpster and reshovel the manure up over the sides into the dumpster; its a good workout!

When the dumpster is nearly full, you then crawl on top of the dumpster and shovel the manure higher up by hand to make even more room. Imagine standing on a load of shit reorganizing the load just to make sure the dumpster is plumb full so you get your monies worth!

When shoveling by hand you can’t possibly load it as efficiently as you can with the manure conveyor/ elevator. You actually get more material into the dumpster without having to crawl in the dumpster to re-level the load to make more room to stretch more days of storage use out of your container.

Whether you are inclining up a steep bank or moving material across level ground, down a slope, or below-grade excavating with your wheelbarrow, you can get the manure into a dumpster of some sort with the portable conveyor system that offers a unique safe solution for a difficult job.

“Moving horse manure can be very labor intensive and a waste of time and energy where better constructive time can be spent grooming, riding or training a horse,” said Mike Schweiss. “Anybody who uses the elevator for the first time will be sold on it immediately.”

The Schweiss Conveyor moves easily and lowers and raises easily

Four swiveling hard rubber tires allow anyone to easily position the conveyor forward, sideways or backward. Hand winch lowers or raises conveyor up to 10.25 ft.

Schweiss electric manure hauler by Schweiss

By popular demand, Schweiss has engineered an electric manure hauler that makes mucking your horse stalls and transporting it the pile with ease. The hauler was designed to dump the load directly on to the Schweiss manure conveyor with the push of a button.

The Schweiss Electric Manure Hauler in a stall
A Schweiss employee test the Electric Manure Hauler A Schweiss employee test the Electric Manure Hauler's dumping feature